A Simple Clean Up...

Drug Shuffle

No fatalities!? Wha?

DATE: 12APR2072

A call from Bash revealed that, rather than ask for help earlier, he sent his own guys to steal a shipment of BTLs. They aren’t normally his product, but he was told that these were top quality and would be worth the trouble. Unfortunately, his boys were not up to the task and were jumped by a rival gang, the Blue Meanies. Bash asked Ocho if he could go in and get his stuff back. The only problem is that he could not promise payment until the chips were sold.
Amazingly, this run went quite smoothly, with nary a shot fired. Posing as an intermediary for an interested party, Marcelle met with their BTL guy, an orc named Blade. (Note: I accidentally deleted my info on that encounter, so I don’t remember if that is actually his name… But it is now.) She confirmed that they had had the BTLs, but that they moved them earlier that morning, as they couldn’t sell them themselves. Marcelle bought a few samples, and told her that she would have her people arrange a proper meeting. As she was leaving, Blade got antsy and decided that she should stay put until the meeting. Just in case. Marcelle became to hint that her partners were, in fact, the Mafia. She called up a little of her past (actually with the Mafia) and the orc backed down.
Later, Marcelle returned with the others, all dressed as mafiosi. Blade told them that his buyer changed his mind about coming, instead asking that they meet at his condo.
Upon arrival, they met a well-to-do elf who looked them over and had his driver come around to take them to the BTLs.
A short drive later, they arrived at a storage unit, in which were a couple of armed guards and some nerd counting and sorting. After some small talk, and showing off the goods, the elf came clean. He had contacts in the Mafia and quickly learned that whoever was coming were impostures. But, he was no fool. He knew that Shadowrunners (good ones, anyway) were not to be underestimated. And the BTLs, though valuable, were not worth the fight. In fact, THESE BTLs were so valuable, that he offered ¥100,000 for them to simply walk away with no fuss, no retaliation, and quite probably, future work.
No fools themselves, the runners took the opportunity, realizing that Bash could no more move those BTLs and pay them than the Blue Meanies who offloaded them. Damien offered the elf his card, and the elf introduced himself as Julien Kane.
They gave 40k to Bash, in lieu of the BTLs, which he accepted with resignation. He would barely break even after paying for the damages, but he admitted that, at best, he would have been ripped off trying to sell the damn things.
The other 60k was divided four ways.

REWARDS (each):
Payment: ¥15000
Karma (I am dumb and didn’t write it down. I want to say 4. Correct me if I’m wrong.)



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