A Simple Clean Up...

Extraction complete!

Way to earn those nuyen!

So, once the door to the cellar was hacked open, Damien held aloft via levitation the body of the front door guard disguised as Stayn in order to confuse the people below, or at the very least, to be a bullet shield. Unfortunately, the guards below lobbed a flash bang that knocked Damien right the hell (HELL, get it? Because the DEVIL!) out. Marcelle and Ocho were holding the doors, and were able to duck for cover and once they took out the guards, they slapped a stim patch on Damien and went down stairs. Buzz got the downstairs locks disabled, but was unable to get into the camera system or verify the presence of other security measures.
In a short hallway with two bends on either end leading to doors, they picked one and Ocho cracked the door to peek inside. He was greeted with a bullet that grazed his shoulder before slamming the door again. Taking up a prone position and aiming into the room, Ocho lay in wait while Marcelle opened the door and stayed behind it. The hallway filled with bullets right over Ocho’s head until he returned fire, forcing the heavily armed shooter to dive for cover. Damien took the opportunity to take control of the man’s mind to turn him against the other man Marcelle spotted. At this moment, another man appeared from the other end of the hallway and stabbed Ocho right in the left butt cheek with a katana. As Ocho processed that, more bullets ripped through the hallway, aimed slightly lower, leaving the troll quite battered, but still up. As she kicked the door shut to cut off the stream of lead death, Marcelle’s whip cut through the katana wielder’s armor nicely, leaving him unbalanced long enough for Ocho to bring his big ass gun around and make a mess of the man’s general body area. After a moment, the room went quite, and Damien dispatched his helper with a suicide command. At this point, Buzz informed the team that reinforcements appeared to be en route.
The other room contained Stayn, obviously forced into VR, probably hotsim, by the look of it, hooked directly up to an old console terminal. Marcelle was able to figure out the disconnect command to get him out safely, just as Augustus started taking shots at a vehicle that was racing out of the garage. Buzz sent a drone after it. (We’ll cover what the drone finds later.)
Stayn, coming to, was led up to the van, everyone piled in, and Buzz took them on a fun little off road detour to avoid the incoming drones. Once safe, Stayn revealed that he had found out that Alpha had hidden some data in his headware, and was looking into what it was. He was intercepted by Aztechnology before he could learn anything. But, according to him, they appeared to be surprised and unprepared for what they found. He couldn’t elaborate, but the technomancer seemed to be in over his head. (When a high level mega-corp trained technomancer is out of his league in the Matrix, shit has become Very Real.) Stayn went on to confirm that Alpha is not only an AI, but the oldest still active AI on the Matrix, being active some twenty years ago when he met her, though she had been around even before that. She had successfully hunted down and destroyed her predecessors and likely would have wiped out all newcomers, had she not started to deviate from her core programming. Though they have worked together off and on for nearly two decades, Stayn believes that she is now a threat to all of them. If she has not actively turned against them, she has put them all at great risk, and with his knowledge of her, Stayn at least, is going to become a target to protect her secrecy. He plans to flee Seattle to at least get Aztechnology off his tail and lie low for a while, though he said he plans to contact them again in the near future, once he can be sure it’s safe. In the meantime, Stayn advised everyone to keep a very low profile on the Matrix, and to stay off of it unless necessary. He hinted that Alpha is very dangerous, especially once you start going VR. Hotsimming while she is after you, he implied, is suicide. He specifically mentions that they should keep an ear open for word of any deckers dying mysteriously while jacked in, and definitely should not accept any messages from those deckers post mortem. Of course, they should not contact Alpha, nor accept her calls, nor even accept money from her, no matter how secure it appears.
To add to the fun, Marcelle’s uncle drops the bomb that her and her team were caught on camera during their infiltration, and a bounty has been posted by Aztechnology for any one of them brought alive.
After Stayn directed Buzz to a secure stash, he paid out the promised money in certified credsticks, and promised to find and pay Eight Ball before fucking right off out of town.

In the four days that follow, the group sells of some looted goods and keeps an eye open over their shoulders.

Payment as promised: ¥10000
+2 for surviving
+2 for completing all objectives
+4 for difficulty (Highest opposed dice pool / 6 = 24/6 = 4)
+2 for being underpaid. (The rescue added significantly to the overall job.)
= 10 karma reward.
1 katana,
1 Ares Alpha assault rifle with grenade launcher attachment (full magazine, plus 6 flash bang grenades)
1 Ares Predator V heavy pistol (full magazine)
1 Stun baton
1 One suit of full body armor, chem sealed, with helmet. (Sold by Damien on behalf of Marcelle for an impressive sum I don’t recall, but his commission was ¥666 which made him immeasurably happy.)
There was not time to fully loot every corpse, but the haul was good nonetheless.


During the four days, you each see the bounty hunt closing in.

Marcelle: Knight Errant isn’t just law enforcement. They also dabble in bounty hunting, which sucks for you, because they have your arrest records on file and matched up the picture to it. The good news is that all of their records are outdated, so they can’t just show up at your door. The bad news is that most of your contacts from back then are still around…

Damien: Oberon informs you that a powerful mage has been asking around town about a man matching your description. She has made a point of examining the auras of everyone she’s come across. Oberon swears he told her nothing, but she is offering cash rewards for information.

Ocho: Rojo has picked up word that bounty hunters are looking for you. They have your picture, but no name. Most of the people who know you on sight are dead, so that’s not a huge concern of itself, but there are only so many trolls lurking in the shadows. Time is not on your side.

Buzz: While perusing some message boards and Matrix hangouts (as disguised as you can be, of course) you come across a surprisingly candid wanted poster. “Looking for a decker who recently hit a secure Aztechnoloy research site. Need info. Will pay.” There is contact information, but it does not come up under any search.

Augustus: You know some bounty hunters, and they know you. Those guys probably won’t come after you. In part because it’s kind of bad form, but mostly because they have seen what you do when cornered… However, there are plenty of people out there who don’t know you and who will risk an awful lot for a good payday.

Extraction complete!

On the fourth day, Ocho gets a message from Bash asking for help with a shipment of unspecified products that has been held up in transit.

Extraction complete!

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