A Simple Clean Up...

Extraction Part 1

Combat takes a lot of time...

Date: 07Apr2072
Time: 2230

A drone search of the arc of Damien’s spirit’s search through Snohomish turned up a suspicious building serving no apparent purpose. A featureless, windowless, one story brick building, about the size of a small house with a three car garage with one guard sitting on a covered entryway sits nowhere near any known farm or utility station on record. Damien sent a watcher spirit to subtly scope the place astrally from a distance and discovered that the entire building was warded both on the physical and astral planes with a very powerful barrier and guarded by two Force 8 Spirits of Fire along with a small pack of hellhounds. So… about as subtle as a neon sign flashing “Attack here!”

Some basic preparations were made and the team set out at sunset to attack at night. Damien summoned a water spirit to conjure up some rain to deter the fire spirits from manifesting, while Ocho set up as a sniper to take out the hounds and anything/one else that might try to flank as the rest of the team pulled up in a van and started shooting.
In the first ten seconds after Ocho’s first shot, Damien’s water spirit made surprisingly easy work of the two fire spirits despite a harrowing moment in which one of them manifested inside the van. Augustus was knocked out by a spray of automatic fire from the startled guard who later found himself outside the barrier while dodging Marcelle’s attacks and was promptly made to kill himself thanks to the fact that mind control spells are very, very, nasty. Also, Ocho took down the hellhounds. Oh, and the rail mounted machine guns on Buzz’s van blew the door out of the wall.
Auggie was revived with a stim-patch and made his way to the door with a flashbang, and Ocho started heading to the building.
(For the sake of speeding things along, and for dramatic effect, I will describe the next part leading up the next round of fighting.)
Following the flashbang, Augustus moves in, gun ready to spray, while Marcelle slips in behind, silent and unseen. The doorway leads into a short hallway that dead ends at a large locker that appears to be full of rain gear and cleaning supplies.
There are two doors, one on each side of the hall. The door on the right opens to a basic kitchen with a trid monitor on one wall, tuned to the evening news.
The door on the left, however, leads into a large empty room. Across the room, there is a large set of double doors that appears to lead into the garage. Against the back wall, there is a large cellar door into the ground. A quick check reveals that the door is mag-locked. There is a RFID reader on the wall, but the display reads “SEC LOCK – NO ACCESS.”
A quick check of the grid by Buzz reveals it to be private and isolated, similar to the one at the research facility. So the GOD isn’t watching here, at least. Without actually getting on it (which would still draw he attention of any spider or IC, which could still be Very Bad) it’s hard to say if it even connects to the global matrix at all. If it does, it is likely through a single, monitored node again. At this point though, it’s unlikely that cutting that off would do much good, even if you found it.
Given a few seconds of study, Damien determines that the ward is very powerful, indeed. (At least Force 10, by your estimate, maybe stronger.) This is not a problem at this point, as long as you don’t try to go through while perceiving astrally and remember to turn off your foci. You’ll have to recast Marcelle’s armor once you’re both on the other side of the barrier, however. What this does mean, is that you now really hope that the mage who could create this isn’t here. Even if he needed help to perform the ritual, it stills takes a powerful mage to implement this kind of force.
By this point, Ocho has reached the van, and Augustus and Marcelle exit to report their findings. No doubt, alarms are sounding somewhere and reinforcements are on the way. Last chance to bail if you’re cowards who don’t want to get paid…



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