A Simple Clean Up...

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No really... It's that easy...

Date: 03APR2072
TIme: 0830

The job seemed simple enough. The Johnson, an ex-runner who goes by the handle “Stayn” needed a team to finish the job of infiltrating a top secret underground Aztechnology laboratory that the last team failed. If that should prove impossible, then clean up the loose ends by whatever means necessary.
Stayn revealed that he and his associate had intercepted communications regarding the botched run, and learned that they were requesting additional security and a mage to read the mind of the one surviving runner in custody. They were able to send back a response that listed the new team as the expected reinforcements. Even better, Stayn arranged to have proper uniforms and credentials ready in the morning. So getting in would be easy, at least.
Finishing the job, however, would prove a bit more complicated. Stayn was seeking “something important” in the lower levels. Other than that it was most likely powerfully magic, Stayn had no description of the item, but seemed certain that it would be obvious. If it could be taken, they were to take it, otherwise, get as much info about it as possible. As for cleaning up loose ends, the surviving runner was to be made unable to divulge any information to Aztechnology (through rescue or more…permanent means, if necessary) and that the data stick she was carrying should be returned.
For ¥10000 EACH, it was an easy “yes” from all those contacted.

Time: Evening/night

The team made an initial scouting run of the area. It was in near the docks, apparently under a building of offices and storage that had been converted from a shipping/receiving building for the surrounding warehouses.
Damien determined that, yes, there was something magical present. Something powerful enough to create a noticeable background count even at ground level.
Marcelle gained entrance into the building and located what appeared to be a hidden entrance with no means of opening from this side.
Buzz hacked a cleaning drone to gain a layout of the building, but was unable to find anything about what was below.
Augustus set up a sniper nest in a building across the parking lot.
Ocho ensured that the area was clear of any gang activity that might complicate matters.
Overall, it seemed easy enough.
One point of concern arose, however. The location that the “new security” was expected had been changed to a location across town with no explanation.

Date: 04APR2072
Time: 0700

After arriving at the pickup location of the uniforms, the team found only an old, disused storage room in an alley. Soon after they arrived, a moving truck belonging to “Murray’s Moving Muscle” blocked the entrance and two large trolls got out, unloaded some boxes, then “accidentally” dropped one by the door on their way to a stairwell in the back of the alley. Sure enough, in the box were the promised uniforms, and commlinks. After suiting up, they headed to the location they were expected.

In the parking lot of an office park owned by Aztechnology, a van was waiting for them. As soon as they started getting in, four drones appeared and opened fire. After a brief exchange of return fire, the drones were brought down (one even in good enough condition to be appropriated by Buzz) and only one person was hit, though Augustus seemed to be willing to tough it out until they arrived at their destination to use their medical facility. On the way, the driver told them that the meeting location had been changed because they noticed something off about their communication and suspected interference. The drone attack confirmed that someone (probably whoever hit them over the weekend) had attempted an ambush.

At the facility, Augustus was patched up before making a quick excuse to take a smoke break to go man his prearranged sniper nest.
After orientation, Marcelle and Ocho acted normal to learn the exits and guard rotations, and Buzz started poking around the security system. (He found that the facility was fully shielded and there was a single hard line connection to the external Matrix.)
Damien was shown the prisoner, a woman named Eight Ball. She was untrusting of the mage, and uncooperative, but he convinced her of his mission and arranged for her to escape and help finish the job, with the aid of an invisibility spell.
As soon as Eight Ball and Marcelle (also basically invisible thanks to her camo suit) were headed to the lower levels, Damien sounded the alarm and used his magic to convince the security that the prisoner was heading to an exit on the other end of the facility, while Buzz cut off the communications and started wiping out security systems.

Arriving at the secured elevator, Eight Ball produced a data stick (you know from where) and slotted it into the elevator control. A moment later, a confused woman came over Marcelle’s ‘link asking about Eight Ball and then ended the communication. The door opened, and Marcelle and Eight Ball went to the lower level. The doors opened to show a large underground hydroponics lab growing a single sapling surrounded by all manner of monitoring equipment, and a handful of scientists confused by the opening doors without apparent occupants.
This would have been just fine, were it not for the hulking mass of mostly-cyberized man flanked by two trolls. The cyber-thing looked directly at Marcelle (or, as she would learn, her aura) and sounded the alarms for intruders. The two intruders ducked back into the elevator and Eight Ball slotted the stick into the controls while cursing about “cyberzombies.” The elevator barely made it to the next level before stopping and heading back down. They were able to open a maintenance hatch in the top of the elevator and scrambled up the cable as the cyberzombie entered and began firing through the hatch, hitting both intruders, but not bad enough to take them down. Marcelle made a jump to the next level as the elevator began moving up once more. At this point, Ocho showed up and was able to open the doors on his level and chuck a grenade into the open hatch. It went boom, but the elevator kept moving. Eight Ball scrambled up to Ocho’s level, while Marcelle found herself a level below where she needed to be to make an escape. She ducked into a room as the elevator door opened and a very blood soaked cyberzombie began stalking the corridor. Marcelle was able to stay out of sight long to double back to the stairwell by the elevator Buzz was able to find.

With the confusion caused by Damien’s magic, escaping was actually pretty simple, though they ended up a fair distance from Augustus’ cover fire. They stayed out of sight out of sight until he could come around and pick them up in the van.

Time: Evening

On the way back, they attempted to contact Stayn, but he did not respond. Eight Ball was persuaded (at gunpoint) to hand over the data stick. Buzz slotted the stick and it turned up blank. Even a straight copy of the contents showed nothing. He tossed it back to her, and decided to deal with it later.
Arriving at Stayn’s safehouse, they found him indeed missing. Eight Ball was as genuinely surprised as everyone else (and pissed about not getting paid) so she was sent on her way.

Now to find out what happened and to Stayn and to get paid.


Sorry about the wait. I’m a terrible person. But you should have time to spend it before next session.

For surviving: 2
For completing ALL objectives: 2
Overall challenge: 2

Total Karma Reward: 6

Spend it wisely!

Just walk right in.

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