A Simple Clean Up...

Payment hunting

Seriously... The dude has our money.

Date: 05APR2072 – 07APR2072

Deciding that, yes of course the money is worth it, the team sets out to see what could have happened to Stayn.

Inquiries with the gang member watching the door of the building Stayn was in led to a meeting with Bash, the leader of the Stingrays. Unfortunately, Bash appeared to have less information about Stayn’s disappearance than Ocho or Damien, but Ocho’s name carried some weight and earned a promise that the Stingrays would help if they found out anything. Also, maybe a job in the near future. (Note: Bash can now be listed as a contact with Connection 2, Loyalty 1 for Damien and Loyalty 2 for Ocho. Bash won’t deal with people he hasn’t met face to face. His loyalty can be improved through jobs and renting a safehouse from him. His connection will increase as his gang grows in power.)

Security analysis of the building as performed by Buzz via drone and Marcelle via parkour practice revealed that the building was as well guarded as a street gang owned safehouse could expect to be. Not enough to stop the kinds of enemies a guy like Stayn must have, but enough that someone should have seen something if he had been attacked here.

Marcelle was contacted by Eight Ball who had hoped that something had turned up that might lead them to Stayn. She does want to get paid too, after all. She offered her services, though she’ll need some time to replenish her arsenal. (Note: Eight Ball can now be used as a contact with Connection 2, Loyalty 1. Helping her resupply may just up her loyalty rating.)

Later, the entire team was contacted by Alpha, Stayn’s partner, via commlink conference call. She revealed the last location that Stayn had used to contact her, and revealed a little bit about why he may have been captured.
It’s possible that their involvement with the prior runs was discovered and Stayn was captured by Aztechnology. If that’s the case, then this is bad news for the shadowrunners, as they’ll probably be able to link him to them soon enough. (Hell, the guy even has the team’s uniform measurements in his head now.) It’s rare for corporations to retaliate against the shadows directly, so for this to be the case, Stayn was investigating some heavy stuff.
The other possibility is that someone found out about some information that Alpha had secretly stored in Stayn’s headware for safekeeping. This is slightly less bad for the runners, though it is still pretty bad as, it that means they can still lose a payday, and Alpha did hint that she was not one to be denied lightly.
At least she came through with ¥2000 each for now.

Around that time, one of Ocho’s contacts came through with some information. A couple of his guys saw someone matching Stayn’s descriptions get jumped in an alley downtown just outside of one of Seattle’s lesser known hacker bars. This matched up closely to the last location Alpha had of Stayn, so it looked promising. The gangers had hid behind a dumpster, but the short clip that one of them had the nerve to record (just in case, you know) confirmed that it was indeed Stayn, and that it was an Aztechnology strike team that took him, apparently alive.
A visit to the bar and a fair bribe later, and they had the security footage from the alley. An EMP grenade clipped the actual attack, but the camera was able to see the attackers drop into the alley, and caught the face of one of them as they left. This image was immediately sent to Alpha and posted on Jackpoint for identification. Several Jackpoint members offered to see what they could find out. Alpha seemed… very eager… to identify this individual.

Now, to see what turns up and where to go next…


Augustus was mysteriously absent. Whether tailing Eight Ball or just laying low for fear that Aztechnology is retaliating, no one is quite sure.

Payment hunting

Neat! I will update my character sheets with the appropriate contacts sometime soon.

Payment hunting

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