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Payment Hunting Part 2

Following a few more leads and meeting with Eight Ball for a more in depth discussion of her mission revealed a few key pieces of information regarding what exactly happened and where Stayn may have been taken.

- The timeline of events places Stayn’s abduction just moments after Marcelle and Eight Ball slotted the mysterious data stick into the elevator panel.
-The data stick clearly is important to what happened in the facility, and probably to what is happening now.
-Said data stick appeared empty later that day, yet looking at it again shows that it had been formatted the day AFTER the run.
-The van used to take Stayn went off the grid a few blocks away from the site of the abduction. it appears to not have come back on since. It’s possible that the route could be traced backward, but there’s no guarantees that the trail would even be genuine. It might also be possible to do some good old fashioned decking and individually hack surrounding security cameras to try to piece together the route they went. (Buzz has set about this task, with Ocho coming along in case things get hairy.)
-Whoever has Stayn now, has magical protection enough to quickly eliminate Damien’s Force 6 Spirit.
-Damien can only estimate that the spirit was at or perhaps had gone just past the 15 mile search radius Damien had set for it.
-Just prior to his abduction, Stayn had met with someone at a little known hacker bar near the edge of the downtown area. No one knows who this man is or why they met.
-Alpha’s role in all of this is an unknown. The timing of events screams “set-up,” but it’s not clear why Alpha would betray Stayn. Nor is it clear exactly what role two teams of runners played in it.
-Eight Ball suggested that Alpha’s desire to see Stayn returned is genuine. (And the runners will recall that Alpha mentioned that he had sensitive information she did not want exposed.) If this is the case, then best place to hide someone from a decker who appears to only operate remotely would be a dead zone. Or at least somewhere well shielded.

Here are some useful things to consider:
-Is it worth confronting Alpha about her role in all of this? Does it even matter at this moment? Is it safe to contact her at all?
-Once you find Stayn, do you have a plan to extract him? He was taken by a military grade strike team, and is likely guarded at least as well.
-How long do you have? It’s been three days since the run. Alpha seemed certain that Aztechnology would want Stayn alive, but it’s unlikely they need him alive forever.
-No one protects a secret with a highly illegal, dangerous, and still experimental man/machine/magic abomination if they intend to let people see the secret and live. Aztechnology has not moved against the runners involved, but if they sent a military grade strike team after one guy, imagine what they’ll be sending your way…


I won’t tell you how correct any of your conclusions so far have been. But, in the interest of interest, I will say that those conclusions follow organically from events as described, and more importantly, you are on a path that progresses the plot in a meaningful way.

Payment Hunting Part 2

Results of Buzz’s camera hacking:

Whoever was responsible for the abduction must have come through and started erasing their traces, as many of the cameras have missing records from around the time of the incident.
However, they didn’t get them all. A little perseverance and some luck turn up enough information to piece together a path into Snohomish, though the trail vanishes at that point.

Knowing that Damien’s spirit was destroyed somewhere on the edge of its search perimeter and that the van was headed into Snohomish gives you a much smaller search area. Unfortunately, Snohomish is much more rural, so wireless Matrix access is not as reliable in some parts. The good news is that it’s mostly farmland, so an aerial view won’t have much obstruction.

Payment Hunting Part 2

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