Augustus Brown

Redneck Dwarf Weapons Specialist


B 7, A 5/7, R 3/5, S 4, C 3, I 2, L 4, W 5, E 4, Ess 2.3, Init 5/7, IP 1/3
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 11/11
Erika Elite Commlink Condition Monitor: 10

Armor 15 (full armor) 12 (Armor Jacket) 9 (Armor Vest)

Skills: Armorer 4, Athletics Group 1, Exotic Ranged Weapon: Laser Weapons 9, Firearms Group 7, Heavy Weapons 9, Infiltration 1, Outdoors Group 3, Perception 7
Knowledge Skills: Arabic 1, Arms Dealers 7, Automobiles 7, English N, Firearms 10, Japanese 1, Spanish 3
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Thermographic Vision, Resistance: Pathogens and Toxins +2
Qualities: Ambidexterous, Aptitude: Automatics, Black Market Pipeline: Hassan: Armorer, Enemy, Guts, In Debt (Borrowed 20000¥, Owes 30000¥) (4), Records on File: Aztechnology, Restricted Gear: Ares MP Laser 3
Cyberears (2) with Audio Enhancement (1), Balance Augmenter, Damper, Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Spatial Recognizer
Cybereyes (3) with Eye Laser System, Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
Radar Sensor (2)
Wired Reflexes (Alphaware) (2)
Muscle Toner (2)
Armor Clothing
Armor Jacket
Armor Vest
Ballistic Mask
Erika Elite Commlink with Iris Orb Operating System
Full Body Armor
Full Body Armor Helmet
GMC Hermes Van
Identity: Specify Name with DocWagon Gold Contract, Fake License: ???? (1), Fake SIN (1), Low Lifestyle, Miracle Shooter™ Monthly Subscription
Smart Firing Platform
Smart Firing Platform
Ares MP Laser 3 Accuracy 6(8) [Special Weapons, DV 11P(las) vs. ½ Armor, SA] with Smartgun System, External
Ares Redline Accuracy 5(7) [Special Weapons, DV 8P(las) vs. ½ Armor, SA]
ArmTech MGL-12 4(6) [Grenade Launchers, DV By Ammo, SA, 12 ©] with Smartgun System, External
Briefcase Rocket Accuracy 5 [Missile Launchers, DV 18P, SS, 1] with Anti-Vehicle Rocket x1, Smartgun System, External
Ceska vz/120 Accuracy 7(9) [Pistols, DV 7P vs. Armor, SA, 18 ©] with Flashlight (Low-Light), Silencer, Smartgun System, External
Colt Government 2066 Accuracy 6(8) [Pistols, DV 7P vs. Armor-1, SA, RC 1, 14 ©] with Electronic Firing, Smartgun System, External
Colt M22A3Accuracy 4(6) [Assault Rifles, DV 9P vs. Armor -2, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 1, 40 ©] with Gas-Vent 1 System, Grenade Launcher, Imaging Scope, Smartgun System, External
Colt M22A3 Grenade Launcher [Grenade Launchers, DV By Ammo, SS, 6 (m)]
Colt M22A3 Grenade Launcher [Grenade Launchers, DV By Ammo, SS, 6 (m)]
Ingram Smartgun X Accuracy 4(6) [Submachine Guns, DV 8P vs. Armor, BF/BF-L/FA, RC 3, 32 ©] with Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor
PJSS Elephant Rifle Accuracy 6(8)[Sport Rifles, DV 11P vs. Armor-1, SS, RC 1, 2 (b)] with Shock Pad, Smartgun System, External
Stoner-Ares M202 Accuracy 5(7)[Medium Machineguns, DV 10P vs. Armor-3, BF-L/FA, RC 9, 50 ©] with Gas-Vent 3 System, Gyro Stabilization, Smartgun System, External
Walther MA-2100 8(10)[Sniper Rifles, DV 12P vs. B-3, SA, RC 1, 10 (m)] with Laser Designator, Shock Pad, Smartgun System, Internal
Walther PB-120 Accuracy 7(9)[Pistols, DV 6P vs. Armor, SA, 10 ©] with Smartgun System, External
Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 3P vs. Armor]
Cougar Fineblade Knife, Short Blade [Blades, DV 5P vs. Armor-1]
Survival Knife [Blades, DV 5P vs. Armor-1]
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 4S vs. Armor]


2024: Augustus Brown is born to a working class family in Hebbronville, Texas. He is the youngest of two siblings with his brother, Ethan, being five years his senior. Augustus is born with UGE as a dwarf and experiences a tough childhood. His family accepts him for who he is, but the rest of the townspeople are cold to him. As such, Augustus grows up with a chip on his shoulder, and often tries to prove he is capable of doing everything a normal human could.

May 17, 2035: Aztlan invades Texas. Augustus’ parents are killed in the fighting and he and his brother escape north, avoiding Aztlan troops in the process. Using their knowledge of outdoors survival, Ethan and Augustus are able to travel past Austin where the invasion has halted. Augustus shoots his first gun during this time, as the boys are often forced to hunt for their own food.

2035-2042: Augustus and his brother are homeless for a time before being taken into foster care. The foster system is somewhat unkind to Augustus, due to his newfound penchant for picking fights with the other foster children whenever he feels disrespected. Ethan joins the CAS military when he turns 18 and becomes Augustus’ legal guardian shortly thereafter. When Augustus turns 18, he joins his brother with the military

CAS Military Career: Both Ethan and Augustus are fast risers within the CAS military. Ethan is discovered to be a model soldier, with proficiency in combat and a sound tactical mind. Augustus’ claim to fame comes through his extreme proficiency with all manner of firearms and great instincts, with his talents put to use in one of the CAS’s elite sniper units. The brothers experience distinguished military careers, with Ethan becoming one of the youngest ever to reach the rank of Captain, and Augustus being given command of his own specialized combat force, the “Roughnecks”. By the mid 2050s, both Ethan and Augustus are known, by friend and foe alike, as two of the most feared and respected leaders within the CAS military.

Dishonorably Discharged: Despite his distinguished service record and reputation, Augustus finds significant pushback from certain corners of the military top brass. While some of this is indeed because of his status as a metahuman, it’s also because of Augustus’ brash nature and unwillingness to compromise. As such, several of Augustus’ enemies within the CAS begin to actively work against him, trying to ensure a dwarf would not reach a position of higher power. Augustus and Ethan begin to grow distant during this time, as Ethan becomes busy in his work, while Augustus becomes jealous of his brother’s meteoric rise and perceives his brother to be leaving him out in the cold. Everything comes to a head in July of 2062, when Augustus’ “Roughnecks” are sent on a mission to extract a nuclear physicist from Aztlan controlled territory. During the course of the mission, Augustus’ unit becomes compromised and is forced to make a retreat when they are ambushed by an Aztlan military unit. The “Roughnecks” are able to escape, but not before sustaining heavy losses. In addition, a handful of civilians become collateral damage, as Augustus does whatever he can to see his men to safety. Upon his return, Augustus finds nothing but a court marshal awaiting him. He is enraged, convinced that he was sold out and his men killed needlessly, all because of a petty power struggle. Augustus avoids jail time, but is dishonorably discharged for his actions in the failed mission. It is the final straw in Augustus and Ethan’s relationship, as Augustus feels abandoned by his brother, who doesn’t show up for a single day of his court marshal and refuses to put his own neck on the line for Augustus. With nothing left for him in Texas, Augustus heads north.

2062-2072: Possessing no professional skills in the civilian sector, Augustus finds his best option is to join various mercenary companies, doing wetwork for little pay. During this time, Augustus develops a bad gambling habit, spending most of his free time in whatever casino or racetrack he can find. He racks up a rather sizable debt to a bookie, and skips town when he begins to feel heat from the bookie’s “friends”. Eventually, Augustus finds himself in Seattle, after someone he met at a blackjack table told him that plenty of nuyen could be had there shadowrunning. Tired of mercenary work (however similar though it might be to shadowrunning), Augustus decides to check it out, and moves to Seattle to begin his new career. How much harder could it be…

Augustus Brown

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