Leader of the Stingrays


Alias: Bash
Real name: Thomas Red
Metatype: ork
Age: 25
Height: 2.10m
Weight: 143kg
Skin: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Notable augmentation: None
Typical attire: Armored jacket
Favored Weapon: Shotguns, heavy pistols, blunt instruments


The Stingrays have been around for a few years now, protecting a few blocks from other gangs, and providing protection for those needing to hide from law enforcement. For a price, of course.
A few months ago, the leader died suddenly from a combination of alcohol poisoning, and falling from a fifth floor fire escape into a dumpster full of scrape metal. For a week, there was some brutal in-fighting to fill the role, both in the form of duals and all out shoot outs, as factions formed and vied for power.
Finally, Bash and his supporters proved their mettle and brought the rest of the gang (what was left of it) to heel.
Bash has focused mainly on recruiting and income to regain strength after the gang nearly destroyed itself. They’ve been moving a surprising amount of drugs and BTLs lately, which has some members questioning Bash’s judgment when it comes to subtlety, but other admire his boldness.
In need of the nuyen, Bash was eager to accept Stayn’s proposal to rent an unused apartment and provide protection, no questions asked.

As a leader, Bash is proving adequate, if a little reckless. He’s pretty easy to get along with, as long as things are going his way. But he still feels he has something to prove as a leader and tends to react strongly when his authority is called into question.
He keeps a large mongrel dog named Deuce as a pet. Deuce is a very intelligent dog and he is fiercely loyal to Bash.


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