Damien Strange

Radical former terrorist and Dryad black magician


Damien Strange
B 3, A 3, R 3, S 1, W 5, L 3, I 5, C 8, ESS 6, EDG 1, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 11
Armor: 9
Limits: Physical 3, Mental 6, Social 9
Physical Initiative: 8+1D6
Astral Initiative: 10+3D6
Active Skills: Arcana 3, Assensing 5, Con 1, Conjuring Group 2, Counterspelling 3, Etiquette 2, Intimidation 1, Negotiation 2, Perception 4, Pistols 2, Ritual Spellcasting 3, Sneaking 2, Spellcasting 6 (Combat Spells +2)
Knowledge Skills: Commerce 2, Cuisine 1, Demonology 3, Fashion 1, Gangs 2, Megacorps 2, Streetwise 2
Languages: English N, Sperethiel 3
Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Low-Light Vision
Qualities: Addiction (Mild): Magic Food, Analytical Mind, Cursed (1), Geas: Ritual, Glamour, Insomnia (Half-Speed Recovery) (10dicepool vs. 4), Magician, Mentor Spirit: Adversary, Photographic Memory, Prejudiced, Common (Radical): megacorps, Symbiosis, Too Pretty To Hit
Spells: Armor, Catalog, Clairvoyance, Control Thoughts, Death Touch, Fireball, Heal, Improved Invisibility, Levitate, Lightning Bolt, Nutrition, Physical Barrier, Sterilize, Trid Phantasm
Rituals: Watcher
   Actioneer Business Clothes w/ Feedback Clothing, Fire Resistance (4), Insulation (4)
   Berwick Suit w/ -2 modifier for concealability, Argentum Coat, Custom Fit, Gel Packs, Increase Social Limit by 1, Quick-Draw Holster
   Certified Credstick, Silver
   Concealable Holster
   Damien Strange w/ (12 months) DocWagon Basic Contract, Fake License: Magic (5), Fake License: Private Detective (5), Fake SIN (5), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
   Deepweed x4
   Fairlight Caliban Commlink w/ Sim Module
   Flashlight, Low-Light
   Glasses (4) w/ Image Link, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision, Vision Enhancement (1)
   Lined Coat
   Magical Lodge Materials (7)
   Power Focus (3)
   Psyche x1
   Browning Ultra-Power [Heavy Pistol, Acc 7, DV 9P, AP -2, SA, 10 ©] w/ (40x) Explosive Rounds, Laser Sight, Smartgun System, Internal
8-Ball (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)
Bash (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)
Emily Knight (Connection 4, Loyalty 3)
Hyeon Yeonghan (Connection 4, Loyalty 3)
Julian Kane (Connection ?, Loyalty ?)
Moon Wildling (Connection 3, Loyalty 4)
Oberon (Connection 5, Loyalty 1)
Stayn (Connection 6, Loyalty 1)
Stitches (Connection 5, Loyalty 2)
Terrafirst! (Connection 6, Loyalty 1)


Damien Strange, real name Daniel Harvest, is an extremely rare oddity in the world of Shadowrun: a male Dryad.

Normally, and in fact all of Elven recorded history, his metatype is born exclusively female to a pair of purebred Elves, that is, two full-blooded Elves that were the children of two Elves themselves. Dryads are so notably rare that all living individuals are known to the Elven nations of Tír na nÓg and Tir Tairngire, and the fact that Damien has, to his knowledge, managed to keep his true metatyping a secret is largely owed to the fact that it turns out that male Dryads are so drastically sexually dimorphic that he bares little resemblance to the normally 3-4 foot tall females of his subspecies.

The truth lies, however, in the overwhelming power of his Glamour, the subtle ways his irises and body hair change tones throughout the year, following the seasons, and the near constant minor allergic reaction he suffers through in urban areas.

Damien was born to a pair of extremely poor and low-level Elven wage-slaves. His proud parents sadly did not know that they had birthed one of the most remarkable oddities of the sixth world, and would have likely stood to benefit from minor celebrity if they had taken him to an Elven shaman for proper identification. They simply fell in love with his remarkable physical beauty, and worried endlessly over his near constant poor health.

Damien awoke to the world of magic when he was sixteen. He had barely begun to understand the terrifying moments of astral awareness when disaster, struck, however. The Megacorp that his father worked for had zoned his family’s residential megaslum for waste disposal. Basements and storage facilities in the buildings of his neighborhood were packed with radioactive and awakened waste materials and put under lock and key and a light security detail. For 99.99% of the neighborhood, life continued in its miserable paces. For Damien, it was a catastrophe.

His mystic metaphysical connection to the health of the land triggered a massive allergic reaction, life threatening in severity. Damien was sent into a deep coma almost overnight, leaving his bewildered parents unsure of what had happened to their son. All the docs their puny salaries could afford could tell them was that he was extremely sick, and they could merely sedate him into unconsciousness with breathing and feeding tubes shoved into his throat to keep him alive. None of them had ever checked for the telltale signs of Dryad symbiosis simply because of the fact that he was male. The fact that he would recover after a week in the wilderness just never made its way onto the table.

For six terrifying months, Damien spent the entire span of the coma in and out of astral space. While he was kept in chemical stasis by the crude medical machines of the corp megaslums, he found that he could enter lucid dreaming easily. This lead to learning that he could astrally project, and in astral space he discovered what he really was.

It was unfortunate that the manner in which he made his discovery was by means of making a bargain with an otherwise hostile spirit of disease. To Damien’s teenage mind, it took the form of a pustulent demon, and it promised him the secrets of true power and magic in exchanges that confused and frightened Damien; it was here that he bargained away his Compassion, his Charity, and his Selflessness.

He didn’t know it, but Damien had set himself down the path of a Black Magician, and attracted the attention of a powerful Mentor Spirit for his wrathful determination to recover from his illness through sheer force of will, and the young Elf’s willingness to make deep sacrifices in exchange for the power to make his will manifest.

When The Adversary came to him, Damien wasn’t astrally projecting. He was in the midst of a lucid coma dream, recalling a pleasant memory of a family vacation to the tall forests of Tir Tairngire. It had been one of the only times he had felt healthy. It was his favorite dream. When his father began to speak in a different voice, and ask him pointed questions about the nature of Ambition and the meaning of Pride, Damien grew fearful and forced himself into astral space to escape the suddenly hostile dream.

The miasmic mass of spiritual hostility that hovered in the astral space his dream-state father had occupied coalesced into a vaguely humanoid shape, the tenebrous silhouette of a tall man in a very fine suit with a face obscured by darkness.

You seek the power to escape this dream, it stated. Damien, for the first time afraid for his life in the astral planes, did not answer.

It is within your own power to escape, if you Will it. Bind yourself to Me, and the profane machines of Man that sustain your prison can be unmade. Unshackle your spirit.

The decision was made, and Damien was bound to an entity he barely understood. He pulled his own feeding and breathing tubes out of his mouth when we awoke, shakily striding out of the hospital under his own power.

Life changed for Damien from that point. When his parents discovered that he was awoken, they immediately eliminated all of their savings to send him to an all-Elven magical trade school, all they could afford. Pretending he was a Hermetic Mage, he learned all he could of magic from the mortal teachers that lacked even the power he had to command the ebb of mana. At night, he would sit before his altar to The Adversary and astrally meditate, seeking spirits of man to teach him spells and to trade power with. In this way, he blossomed into a mage of tremendous potential, and built himself a Lodge of considerable power to continue his growth and development.

It was here that Damien met Moon Wildling, a dramatic and talented Elven Dog Shaman with a radical leftist bent. Their relationship was immediate and intense. Once their level of trust had become sufficient, Damien showed Moon the secrets of his Craft, and the true nature of his magic, and indeed, his very being. He had never shared the details of his heritage to anyone. To this day, she is the only one that knows.

In exchange for this gift of trust, Moon brought him into the fold of her real affiliation on campus, TerraFirst!.

For the next few years, Damien spent his time divided between studying magic, in Moon’s bed, and on secret missions for TerraFirst!, striking at industrial targets and learning the ins and outs of guerrilla eco-terrorism. He did well, performing his role in each job exactly as specified, but his cold, overly polite nature and extraordinary zeal in his passionate hatred for the MegaCorps they were striking made the other members of his local cell distrustful of him. Only Moon liked him.

Damien sadly had to part ways with Moon and TerraFirst! when he was 25, and a fully-fledged, powerful magician in his own right. On a job where he had to provide magical protection for a simple B&E at an Ares office park, the cell ran afoul of a Security Mage. Before Damien could act, two of their members were incapacitated or worse, and Damien’s reaction was overwhelming. Nearly blacking out from the explosive Drain, Damien used his telekinetic abilities to repeatedly ram and smash the rival mage into the megastructure of the building they were intended to distrupt. The force of his repeated blows of the Mage’s hastily cast Barrier spells, and finally, the mage’s quickly pulping body itself, caused enough collateral damage that a portion of the building collapsed. In the other mage’s last moments, he managed to get off a powerful spell, marking Damien with a minor curse and disrupting his connection to mana.

But the real damage was to his cell’s trust in Damien. They were not killers; the particularly brutal way in which Damien chose to dispatch his rival frightened the members of the group unused to his sometimes violent streak. Moon never looked at him the same. They ended their physical relationship shortly thereafter, and the connection he had to TerraFirst! became tenuous at best.

The connections he had made as a low-level Eco-terrorist and his unique talents left him with a few options. He started out getting a fake Private Detective’s license, and set about fixing up the area around his apartment slum. Simple odd-jobs improved his health bit by bit, and he’s managed to clean up his building enough to where he only ever has to deal with a minor cough which he self-medicates into suppression.

He started Running when he got offered a job by one of his neighbors that, by luck, anyone else but him would have turned away. A girl, tired of her boyfriend’s casual abuses, hired him to scare the pugilistic ork out of the slum. Damien accepted the job on condition that payment be made in full up front, and that she not question his methods as long as she never had to deal with the brute again.

Damien completed his first Wetwork shortly thereafter.

Before long, it became well known in his neighborhood that Damien Strange was who you went to for Big Problems. Eventually, his name was on the lips of a local Fixer, and he started to get the kind of jobs he needed to make real money. Aside from the strange, wirey, beautiful girl in his building he knows as Marcy, nobody knows he is a mage where he lives. He solves all his jobs with as much subtlety as possible, hiding from everyone he can that he is awakened. It’s much simpler that way, and they do not pry when they hear strange voices coming from his apartment room.

By Shadowrunning, Damien intends to amass the resources necessary to start penetrating the barriers into real magic. He seeks initiation, and intends to accomplish this as privately as possible. Such a venture is expensive, and risky, and he won’t dare until he has cleaned up his neighborhood a satisfactory amount to minimize the dangers. Working for Stayn is a natural next step. He respects the orc’s repuation, and hopes that this will be his break into true strikes against his hated MegaCorp foes and open avenues to even greater power.


8-Ball: Female, human, unknown age. A runner Damien saved during a bad run. Seems competent. Doesn’t trust her.
Bash: Male, ork, unknown age. Leader of the Stringrays. Seems stressed. Could be useful somehow. Doesn’t trust him.
Emily Knight: Female, human, 36, mundane. Leader of the cell Damien ran in when he was in TerraFirst! and former lover. Extremely good at and devoted to her role fighting against MegaCorps. Accomplished martial artist and augmented hand-to-hand combat expert. Ex-military, Damien is 90% sure. She is the only one who looked at Damien with pity rather than contempt after his first murder. Trusts that she will help him up to the point where life might be lost, but no further.
Hyeon Yeonghan: Male, dwarf, 23, awakened. Wunderkind denius talismonger and hermetic mystic adept that started his own business selling lodge materials, enchanted artifacts, and spell formulae after graduating Magna Cum Laude from MITA at the age of 16. Became a personal friend of Damien’s due to their shared interest in the game of Baduk, which they play every Monday. Has no idea Damien is a shadowrunner, due to a confident lie about being involved in Awakened spell research for a private firm.
Moon Wilding: Female elf, 27, awakened. Dog Shaman of Damien’s approximate power, a talented and dynamic activist and classified as an eco-terrorist. SINner. Wanted in Azlant, Japan, and Tir Tairngire. Once personally quite close to Damien and a former lover, but grew distant after his behavior became violent. Damien trusts her confidence but not her willingness to trust him. Notable for her talent in summoning canid beast spirits and dealing with dual-natured canines.
Oberon: Male, elf, unknown age, awakened. The only other Black Magician Damien has ever met, though they’ve never met in person. Connected over AR alumni chatrooms through mutual acquaintances from the same alma mater. Damien is confident that Oberon is much older, more experienced, and a more powerful magician than he is. They rarely communicate, except to ask one another extremely specifically worded and carefully positioned questions at probably random intervals, which may or may not be their way of discussing magic.
Stayn: Male, ork, unknown age, mundane. The seasoned and experienced runner that sometimes has work for Damien and his partners. Real class act, and no friend to the MegaCorps. Damien likes him, but thinks he’s kind of a rube.
Stitches: Fairly well known street doc in Pullayup that Damien had to talk to for a few private dick jobs. Has yet to need his services, although he knows that by reputation, there are few better for the price.
TerraFirst!: Rather infamous and prominent Eco-Activism-Terrorimt organization. Notable for several high-publicity attacks, including the bombing of the Renraku Personal Robotics and Cyber Lifestyles Olympic Stadium in 2064. Damien is a former member, though he still has some small amount of clout in the local scene. Could maybe get a small favor or two, as long as it was something the organization was interested in doing anyway.

Damien Strange

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