O.G. Retired Ganger Vato-cum-Shadowrunner




B 10, A 4/6, R 2/3, S 9, W 5, L 4, I 4, C 3, ESS 2.25, EDG 2/3

Condition Monitor (P/S): 13 / 11
Armor: 13

Limits: Physical 11, Mental 6, Social 5

Physical Initiative: 6/7+2D6

Active Skills: Athletics Group 2, Automatics 1, Blades 6, Etiquette 1, Exotic Melee Weapon: Garotte 1, Longarms 6, Negotiation 1, Perception 3, Pistols 6, Sneaking 6, Throwing Weapons 1, Unarmed Combat 3

Knowledge Skills: Combat Sports 1, Gangs 6, Security Background 5, Shadowrunning Backgroud 3

Languages: English N, Or’Zet 1, Spanish N

Metatype Abilities: Armor (+1), Enhanced Senses: Thermographic Vision

Qualities: Bilingual, Consummate Professional, Dependent(s) (1): Mi Familia, Home Ground (You Know a Guy): Puyallup Barrio, In Debt (+29000, 43500 owed), Sharpshooter

Datajack (Used)
Image Link (Used)
Muscle Toner (Used) (2)
Skilljack (Used) (1)
Skillwires (Used) (1)
Smartlink (Used)
Wired Reflexes (Used) (1)

Ford Americar [Handling 4/3, Speed 3, Accel 2, Body 11, Armor 6, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seats 4]

Activesoft: Armorer (1)
Activesoft: Computer (1)
Activesoft: Electronic Warfare (1)
Activesoft: First Aid (1)
Activesoft: Locksmith (1)
Activesoft: Pilot Ground Craft (1)
Armor Jacket
Armor Vest
Autopicker (6)
Bug Scanner (6)
Certified Credstick, Gold
Concealable Holster
Data Tap
Ear buds (1)
Flashlight, Thermographic
Glasses (1)
Goggles (1)
Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Jammer, Area (5)
Keycard Copier (6)
Linguasoft: Chinese (1)
Linguasoft: Filipino (Tagalog) (1)
Linguasoft: Japanese (1)
Linguasoft: Russian (1)
Linguasoft: Salish (1)
Maglock Passkey (5)
Medkit (3)
Medkit (6)
Plasteel Restraints
Plastic Restraints x10
Quick-Draw Holster
Renraku Sensei Commlink
Respirator (6)
Roque Gutierrez w/ Fake License: Security Contractor (5), Fake SIN (5), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
Sequencer (6)
Standard Tags x10
Stim Patch (6) x3
Subvocal Microphone
Tag Eraser
Tool Kit, Armorer
Tranq Patch (7) x3
Trauma Patch
White Noise Generator (6)

Ares Light Fire 70 [Light Pistol, Acc 9, DV 6P, AP -4, SA, 16 ©] w/ (32x) APDS, Ares Light Fire Silencer, (32x) Gel Rounds, (64x) Regular Ammo, Smartgun System, External, (16x) Stick-n-Shock
Colt Government 2066 [Heavy Pistol, Acc 8, DV 7P, AP -5, SA, 14 ©] w/ (14x) APDS, (28x) Explosive Rounds, (28x) Gel Rounds, Laser Sight, (56x) Regular Ammo, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, External, (14x) Stick-n-Shock
Enfield AS-7 [Shotgun, Acc 5, DV 13P, AP -1, SA/BF, 10 ©] w/ (10x) Explosive Rounds, (20x) Flechette Rounds, (10x) Gel Rounds, Laser Sight, (20x) Regular Ammo
Ingram Smartgun X [SMG, Acc 6, DV 8P, AP –, BF/FA, RC 2(3), 32 ©] w/ (32x) Explosive Rounds, Folding Stock, Gas-Vent System (2), (64x) Gel Rounds, (96x) Regular Ammo, Shock Pad, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, Internal
Remington 950 [Sniper Rifle, Acc 7, DV 12P, AP -4, SS, 5 (m)] w/ (10x) APDS, (15x) Explosive Rounds, Imaging Scope, (20x) Regular Ammo
Ruger Super Warhawk [Heavy Pistol, Acc 6, DV 9S, AP -1, SS, 6 (cy)] w/ (12x) APDS, (18x) Explosive Rounds, (18x) Gel Rounds, Laser Sight, (30x) Regular Ammo, Speed Loader, (12x) Stick-n-Shock
Ultimax Rain Forest Carbine [Assault Rifle, Acc 8, DV 11P, AP -2, BF/FA, RC 1, 60 ©] w/ (30x) APDS, (30x) Explosive Rounds, (60x) Gel Rounds, (120x) Regular Ammo, Silencer/Suppressor, Smartgun System, External, Smartgun System, Internal, (30x) Stick-n-Shock
Ceramic Knife x4 [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 5, DV 11P, AP -1]
Combat Knife x4 [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 6, DV 11P, AP -3]
Sword [Blade, Reach 2, Acc 6, DV 12P, AP -2]
Flash-Bang Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 11, DV 10S, 10m R, AP -4]
High Explosive Grenade x3 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 11, DV 16P, -2/m, AP -2]
Smoke Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 11, DV Smoke, 10m R, AP –]
Thermal Smoke Grenade x2 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 11, DV Th. Smoke, 10m R, AP –]

Fixer (Connection 4, Loyalty 2)
Rojo (Connection 1, Loyalty 6)
Santa Ria (Connection 2, Loyalty 5)
Telemund0 (Connection 1, Loyalty 6)
Bash (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Eight-Ball (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)

Total Karma Awarded: 6
Nuyen Awarded: 2000
Karma-to-Nuyen: 3 (6000)
Nuyen-to-Karma: 0
Current Karma: 3
Current Nuyen: 1000
Current Debt: 43500-7175=36325


A brief history of Ocho in relation to the Shadowrun universe (names forthcoming):

2028: Ocho is born to some Aztlaner expats who immigrate to Seattle. His parents become involved with the local Latino community and gangs.
2034-36: Ocho becomes more and more involved with the Chulos gang at a tender age, alongside parents.
2030-36: Several members of Ocho’s family are born with UGE: he has a sister born a dwarf and a brother born an elf.
2036: At his oldest sister’s quinceanera, she goblinizes into a troll. Ocho is eight. In the chaos that ensues — goblinization is still dramatic — Ocho kills one of his meta-racist neighbors with a dinner knife in defense of his sister. Ocho avoids using knives for years afterwards.
2039: Ocho begins dating Esperanza “Espe” Feliz, who will become his long-time girlfriend and eventual wife.
2039: Ocho’s mother, oldest sister, and two younger brothers are killed during the Night of Rage. Ocho fires a gun for the first time, again in defense of his family, but is not sure he hit anyone. His father, now well connected to the Chulos, helps him disassemble and destroy the gun. His father loses an eye and most of his left arm during the race riots. The Chulos, who have a large number of ork and troll members, finance a cyber eye and cyber arm replacement.
2040: Ocho and his best friend, an ork named Rojo, are jumped into the Chulos.
2041: Ocho’s little sister Awakens as an adept. Everyone is very proud.
2042: Ocho and Espe’s eldest daughter is born.
2043: Ocho goblinizes in the middle of being jumped by some trolls from the Spikes go-gang. As the Spikes are all trolls, and Ocho goblinizes into one himself, they let him live. Additionally, Ocho was able to break several bones of theirs — two before goblinizing, six after. Ocho is fourteen.


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