An ork who used to run in Seattle.


Alias: Stayn
Real name: unknown
Metatype: ork
Age: 43
Height: 1.98m
Weight: 125kg
Skin: Tanned (of Caucasian descent)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Cyber (obvious)

Notable augmentation: Cybereyes (obvious), Cyberarm (right) (obvious)
Typical attire: Greatcoat, boots, jeans.
Favored Weapon: Assault rifles, grenades.


Stayn was a known runner in Seattle back in the late 40’s and early 50’s. After a botched run (accounts vary on exactly what happened), he disappeared to Berlin.
Attempts to find information on him at that point turn up basically nothing for the first couple of years. This is not uncommon among runners, especially in the anarchic Flux State experiment at the time. When information does become available, it’s all pretty standard stuff, resulting in him retiring from running and operating as a fixer for a rather large chunk of the AGS.
By all accounts, he was doing quite well for himself, which makes his sudden reappearance in Seattle all the more strange.

Stayn assembled the team to find out what happened to another team that went dark on a run, and to clean up as necessary.


A Simple Clean Up... The_D